Is your current platform really the easiest for you anymore?

When you first started out, Thinkific or Kajabi might have worked well, but as your business have changed and grown, your needs would have changed too.

You might think that everything is working “fine” because you’re grown so accustomed to your workarounds that you don’t even realize that there is an easier way. You’re like the frog that doesn’t jump from a pot of hot water when it heats up gradually.

Signs you need to evaluate your platform:

  • Have zaps connecting 3-4 apps to make one automation work because the 2 that really need to talk to each other doesn’t have a direct integration.
  • Spend several hours on reconciling spreadsheets
  • Manually copy data from one place to another
  • Always look for new and better software that does everything

Before you jump into another software platform, you need to evaluate what your needs are first – only then can you make your best choice. It’s like hiring an employee – if you don’t know what they will do in your business, how will you begin to look for them?

Things to Consider:

  • What are the key features of your membership? How should they be laid out for the smoothest user experience? What do you members need to see?
  • What are your business processes? Does your membership platform need to tie into your accounting or other applications? How does it fit within your backend operations?

Now that you have a list of requirements, then it’s time to look at all the platforms to see which ones meets your needs best.

The truth is that probably none of them will meet all of your requirements,

And even if one does meet your requirements today, it will not in a few years…

  • Your business needs change.
  • The product roadmap for the software diverts from what works for your business
  • A key feature is changed, and no longer works for your business
  • The software company ceases operations – due to acquisition or bankruptcy

To truly future-proof your business and have that platform that meets your needs 100%, you need your own custom WordPress platform.

Not only can you tailor the front-end to your users, but you can also build in custom integrations to your existing apps. And yes, you can do it without paying Zapier thousands of dollars per year.

Interested in your own custom WordPress membership site? Book a discovery call today.

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