Get a step-by-step plan to bridge the gaps in your client experience and business operations

Every project begins here.

You have all the tech tools that everyone promised will make your life easier, but somehow it’s not.

Your business operations are a mish mash of zaps, Google Sheets, and Kajabi. Some processes are manual, some are automated – but even the automated parts feel stressful and unreliable.

The VAs, designers and developers you hired were disappointments. You paid them thousands, only to wait for months for a bandaid solution that barely works.

Your platform can feel easeful, elegant and reliable.

When you get rid of the energy drains that comes with every friction in your tech, everyone gets to create more impact – your clients, your team and most importantly, you!

Your clients will be delighted with a seamless client experience. They can focus fully on the transformation and get even more results by working with you.

Your team will feel more satisfied when they can focus on higher level and more interesting tasks, multiplying their productivity and impact.

Finally, you can focus on growing your business with exciting new offers, expanding your capacity and earning more money.

Oh, and when you’re not worried about the tech, you can fully unplug when you go on vacation.

Every project begins with a strategy.

Whether you’re looking for an overhaul of your membership site or just a new feature, you have to start with a clear plan of action.

Get a deep understanding of your client experience and business operations like never before.

You will know the bottlenecks are in your client experience and business operations – and how to fix them.

In your evaluation, every part of your client experience – the flow, the organization and even the copy in your emails will be examined to ensure it all makes sense.

I take the time to learn your system. I will dive deep into the plugins you are using (or will use) to see how we can customize and extend the functionality, so it’s integrated seamlessly. You won’t get a cookie-cutter solution!

How It Works

1. Onboarding Call

This is where we get clear on your vision, your desired results and how your system currently works.

2. Sit back and Let me Deep Dive for You

I will audit your systems for friction in your client experience and business operations. With these findings, I will create an strategy to create a smooth, seamless experience.

3. Debrief Call

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of my findings. You will see the gaps and how we can level up your entire membership experience.

4. 14 Day Email Support

You will have a chance to digest the information and ask any last questions. I know I can never think of any questions on the spot!

You’ll mostly be doing this throughout in the process.

Deliverables for Future Reference

  • A WordPress development strategy with recommended plugins based on your existing software and desired features
  • A short recording summarizing my feedback for quick reference
  • Recording and easy-to-read transcripts of the calls

You can either hire me to implement the changes, hire someone else or even do it yourself. It’s up to you!

Investment: $1000

*The $1000 can be applied to the implementation work.
Valid for 30 days after de-brief call.

Ready to Level Up Your Site?

Hi I’m Jenny

I’m a full-stack developer with a past in marketing and communications. I even ran my own online community and membership, Women in Web Dev, for 5 years.

As a self-confessed course junkie, I have seen the gamut of online course experience, and know intimately what works and what doesn’t – both from the business owner and the client perspective.

My superpower is coming up with elegant and simple solutions by looking at the your current systems, the plugins available on the market, your desired result and adding a sprinkle of coding magic on top.

After working together, my clients have a robust system that they can run on a day-to-day basis on their own without my help.

Are you ready to re-imagine what your membership platform can do for you?

You’re ready for a custom if:

  • You want to have a seamless, elegant client experience
  • You’re ready to have a reliable and simple set of automations
  • Your clients are asking you the same tech support questions over and over
  • You want to unplug on your vacations and not worry about your website
  • You are ready for a system that will get you to the million dollar level
  • You’ve hired other people to implement this for you, and it didn’t work

If you’ve made it this far…

You have a dream of what you want your client experience to look like.

You know that it’s possible to trust your tech. You know that it can make things easier for your business – even if you’ve felt frustrated or disappointed with the results you have so far.

You’re just missing the “HOW”.

This is the “HOW”. It’s time to bring your vision to life.


I’ve gotten quotes for free from other designers and developers before. Why is this paid?

How well did those free quotes work out for you in the past? The reality is that it takes work, expertise and time to come up with a customized plan with a precise cost and timeline.

Because this is paid, you get a level of detail and customization that’s not possible with free work. With a free process, you would only get an estimated range of price and project timeline.

Unless your project fits under a standardized package – like a 5-page brochure website, you need a custom strategy.

Even if you’re in the exploratory stage, wouldn’t it be better to be armed with a detailed roadmap, so you know exactly what you need to invest and do to get there?

How much time is this going to take?

This will take 2.5 hours of your time. There will be 2 one-hour meetings, and you’ll need to set aside 30 minutes to give me access to your sites, a coupon code for your offers and any other relevant logins.

How is this different than the “Web Audits” I see offered out there?

Most web audits are done with a paid software that produces a long generic report. Most of it is irrelevant to you as a business owner, although it’s very useful for me as a developer.

It’s also just half of this process, which is the evaluation. Most people use it as a lead generator, so after the audit, you’ll have to pay them to come up with a strategy anyways.

Do I need this if I only need you to fix something quick on my site?

No, you don’t. If you have 1-2 bugs that you want me to troubleshoot, you can book a 2-hour Quick Fix session (starts at $500). Please contact me if you need help.

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