Custom WordPress Websites That Showcase Your Brilliance

Stand out for your visitors so they will remember you, even after looking at other competitors.

You know that WordPress is the most flexible platform out there.

But getting it to work how you want is overwhelming.

With thousands of plugins and themes, you need an expert who knows how to pick the right tools for your business. This is where I come in.

Your WordPress website will be easy to manage, automated and customized to support your business when we work together.

Imagine that YOU will get as great as an experience managing it as your visitors will have using your website.

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Hi I’m Jenny. I’m a developer with marketing and membership background.

With my varied experience, I’m uniquely able to understand the business needs of course creators and membership site owners.

I’ve streamlined the user experience and operations for clients, giving them the time and space back to expand their businesses.

Client Love

Hiring Jenny to rebuild my website was the best decision I have ever made. 

 She understood my needs and I was very impressed with how she translated my requirements into a beautiful website!

If you need the perfect WordPress website, I highly recommend Jenny, and would have no hesitation in working with her again in the future.


“Just wanted to say thanks again for the website redo.”

I’m very happy with how it turned out, and so are the students in the program.

And it’s been super easy to make updates!

Cello Studio Owner

“Jenny, if you could see my face right now – I am smiling SO MUCH!”

You did a great job! This is so simple to use and looks exactly the way we hoped it would!! I am super thrilled about these updates.

You are a genius!

Marking Manager

“Jenny always has a solution and works very thoughtfully through it efficiently.”

Her development expertise contributes greatly to the success of our implementations as does her dedicated work ethic. Plus, each project is done on time and delivered exactly as designed.

We absolutely offer our highest possible recommendation. Jenny is a true pleasure to work with.

Tanya Smith, Addelise
Marketing Agency Owner

“Jenny took the time to understand my brand and target.”

She didn’t just make my website, she also gave me advice on how to better market to my audience. After setting everything up she had me review it and was available to make any changes. She made my ideas come to life! It was so easy since Jenny set up everything for me. I feel so much more confident as a new business owner.

Natalie Finkle
Real Estate Agent

All the love to Jenny who made ALL my DNS problems go “poof” overnight!!!

This might seem like a small thing, but trust me it’s HUGE. DNS “issues” were a really easy thing to hide behind. As in “my new website won’t work, so I can’t move forward.”

Nothing to hide behind now!

Hanna Steplewska
CEO, EVA Strategies

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