Creating a million-dollar business means creating a million-dollar environment. 

And the root of that is what your customers experience

If your course or digital platform is your main money-maker in your business, we need to talk.

Because while the average course or membership platform fills the gap in many ways for many business owners, if you:

  • Want an asset you own (i.e., Intellectual Property) 
  • Want to elevate your branding beyond the fancy pictures and brand guides you likely have dropped a few thousand on (which is super important — you have to look the part)
  • Want a tailored experience for your user that meets your needs completely (rather than cobbled together Zaps and webhooks that don’t fully do what you want)

Then here’s some news that will make you very happy: I can do that for you. 

I am in the business of custom coding for online business owners, which is why your experience as my customer is of the utmost importance to me. 

As a client, you are part of the process, not left in the dark.

You’ll know what to do next during our project together, you’ll have smooth back-end operations, and most importantly, you’ll never have to experience “FOMO” when the next big course platform launches.

Sound like something you need? Here’s what our work together will look like.

Step 1: We’ll get on a call.

Our consultation call is completely free, and is set up to help us both make sure the upcoming project is the right fit for both of us. If it’s a resounding yes, we’ll move to our first engagement together in step two: a platform audit. 

Step 2:  I’ll audit what you currently have.

I’ll dive into your existing course or membership platform, see what the student experience is like, assess your site functionality and provide you with a complete report on what to improve and your plan for implementation. I’ll also tell you what your project will cost to build and the projected timeline. 

Step 3:  We get to work building.

I’ll project manage your build, meet with you regularly each week, and get to work with my coding and design magic to build out the platform you’ve been wishing for. 

Step 4: We test, we launch, and we tweak. 

After the platform is built, we’ll get beta testers into the platform to make sure that everything goes exactly as planned. From there, we’ll get your platform launched and out into the world, and I’ll be there to support you with anything that comes up with the platform for 4 weeks following the build. 

Step 5: We maintain your asset. 

Anything I build for you is meant to be easy enough to use that you or a techy team member can manage it. And to support you, I’ll build a custom resource library with helpful how-tos and troubleshooting guides to help you be self-sufficient. But if you want me in your back pocket for any tech emergencies or quick turns, we can then enter a maintenance plan for ongoing support.

I’m a magician at coding, but there’s a lot I’m not. 

I’m not a: 
– Visual branding consultant
– Copywriter or content marketer
– Business coach
– Instructional designer 
– Actual wizard (dang it, Hogwarts!) 

But what I am, I’m particularly good at. And I’m here to help you

You’ve been compromising on your tech stack for too long. 

Let’s build the revenue-generating digital experience you’ve been wishing for.

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