They call me “the girl who talks to Dreamweaver.”

(And you know what? I don’t hate that.) 

Talking code is as natural to me as breathing. 

A storyteller, creative-at-heart, and lover of all things digital, I found my calling as a full-stack developer nearly a decade ago while working in the marketing world. 

Even when I was fresh out of school, I learned an important lesson when I was thrown into the chaos of the non-profit I worked for: I literally was a magician.

Any thought my bosses or the clients had, I was able to make it a reality.

Not because I was some anomaly in the coding world — but because I know how to speak the language of 1s and 0s to make the Internet do what I want it to do. 

I’m a coder.

I can quite literally make anything.

Today, after founding the Women in Web Dev Community, establishing my own development company, and working on some amazing projects that seriously moved the needle for my clients (revenue-wise and operationally), I dedicate all my time to helping my clients create million-dollar experiences with custom digital environments. 

And I want to do the same for you. 

What Makes Me Different

With thousands of developers on the Internet, I want you to know how our work together is elevated past the expectations of working with any run-of-the-mill developer. 

1. I choose tools strategically based on your business needs, cost and time to market, not the latest “cool” programming framework.

At the end of the day, my goal is for you to love operating your business on the back-end, and for your customer to love the experience of working with you.

2. I’ve run my own membership and online business.

Not only have I learned coding from an educational standpoint, but I’ve also polished my skills as an online business owner myself.
Not many developers can say they’ve lived through the same experience you have as an online business owner. This helps me see potential roadblocks you maybe haven’t anticipated yet, and it allows me to build an achievable vision, not just reaching theoretically. 

3. I’m a full-stack developer, rather than just a front-end or back-end developer.

That means I take a holistic approach to developing code. I can bring your idea to life and have it work seamlessly. It’s going to look great for your consumer and work smoothly operationally, so both you and your client benefit from the custom code. Many other developers are niched in either front-end or back-end development.

Our work will be most successful when you have … 

  • Sold your course or program at least a few times and have nailed down your messaging and offer
  • Defined your vision of the experience you want to deliver, but need technical help to bring it to life.
  • Determined the opportunities for growth beyond what your average drag-and-drop course platform can offer
  • Established that you want to retain more clients and build more brand evangelists with an amazing user experience (in major part by leveraging your course platform). 
  • Set your sights on the $1MM mark (or more) in revenue in your business, and you are ready to invest in building your own custom asset to get there. 
  • Ready to elevate your customer experience with a custom platform that also smooths out back-end operations. 

Sound like you? Let’s take the next step and see what we can build together. 

Wanna know me a little better? 

Here are a few fun facts about me. 

I lived in Pune, India for 6 months on a work exchange.

My perfect meal is steamed fish with soy sauce, rice and soup.

I’m a 1/3 Emotional Generator and a triple Pisces (sun, moon and rising).

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