Want to Keep Your Members? Email Them A Weekly Roundup!

So you’ve finally won someone over to your membership. Does this mean you can finally stop with the emails? Nope!

I know what you’re thinking:

“Circle sends them an automatic email of posts they’ve missed last week!”

“They can just log into Slack!”

“All the events are posted in the calendar!”

“Discord sends them an email notification when I tag @everyone in the announcement channel!”

Unfortunately, the automated emails aren’t a replacement for a regular roundup for your membership, because…

#1 – Email notifications blend in with each other. You can’t tell which is from a casual conversation vs an important announcement.

#2 – Information overwhelm – If someone doesn’t log in for a month or two, there’s simply too much to look at on the platform. All the channels will be white on Slack, and there are dozens of posts to look at on Might Networks or Circle.

#3 – No one knows what you’ve added recently and what’s coming up in the near future.

In a nutshell, people have to search and sift through a large amount of information to figure out what’s relevant to them.

And yeah, they aren’t going to do this. That’s IF they bother to log in.

By sending them a weekly roundup, you solve this issue. You deliver timely, relevant information to your members straight to their email, without them having to log into another platform and hunting for it.

When they read your email, they might see something motivates them to come to an event, participate in a conversation or consume a piece of content on your membership platform. Either way, they’re using the membership!

Content Ideas for Your Weekly Roundup:

  • New content
  • Replays of past events
  • Upcoming events for the next 1-2 weeks. Include links to join right in the email.
  • Sneak peek to upcoming content
  • Interesting posts or threads that they might have missed
  • Quick links to the membership
  • Membership tip (e.g. Add our events Calendar to your Google Calendar with this link)
  • Highlight a piece of old content in the membership – they might have missed a goodie with all the amazing things that are there

Weekly emails combat information overwhelm and increase your membership engagement by delivering up-to-date information to your members.

If weekly emails are too much, then try bi-weekly or monthly email – just make sure you’re reaching out to your members consistently, and you’ll see your members engage more.

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