How to Keep Your Membership Email List Synced Properly

One of the biggest frustrations with membership plugins is that they don’t automatically remove members from your email list when their membership expires.

Here are 4 ways that you can sync your membership:

1. Use WP Fusion

WP Fusion is a powerful marketing automation that syncs between dozens of WordPress plugins, allowing you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM and email marketing, like Hubspot and ActiveCampaign.

Apart from syncing your list, you can also tag and segment based on user activity – their last login, course completion, cart abandonment and more.

The personal plan starts at $247 per year.

2. Use Zapier.

Zapier supports some of the more common membership plugins like Memberpress and Woocommerce, so if you are using one of the others, you’re out of luck.

Since Zapier only gives you 100 free tasks a month, it would make sense to go with WP Fusion if you need to sync more than 100 members per month. Zapier’s starter plan is $240 / year for 750 tasks per month vs WP Fusion’s unlimited tasks for $247 per year.

3. Use code.

If you have some coding knowledge, you can use the code outlined in this tutorial to write your own API integration. (coming soon)

4. Do it manually.

If you don’t have that many members cancelling per month, you can do it manually. While I could write the API call to remove the cancelled members from MailerLite, I had to remove them from Slack manually.

Usually, your membership plugin will have a link to filter for the “Expired” memberships organized from the most recent.

Bookmark the link in your Standard Operating Procedures or recurring task in your project management system, and it will take only a few minutes to do it.

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