5 Issues Plaguing Your Professionally Designed Website

You hired a web designer to build your WordPress site, and it looks great on the front. What more can you ask for, right?

Since web designers’ expertise is in creating the look of the site, it’s not surprising that they would have missed things like site speed, security or optimizing for SEO. After all, you wouldn’t expect an interior designer to know how to build the whole house, right?

Here are 5 common issues that your site might have:

1. Your Site is Slow AF

There are many reasons why your site may be slow, from a cheap host to page builders.

Here are two top reasons:

#1 – Your site is built on Divi, WPBakery or Elementor. While the page builders are versatile, they also add many files and code to the site. The more files are added, the slower your site loads.

#2 – Your images are not resized or optimized. And you might have a bunch of large background images. Yes, it looks amazing, but they also slows your site way down!

Google penalizes sites with slow speeds on search results. Users expect sites to load almost instantly and will leave before they see anything if your site is slow.

You can test out your site speed on Google Page Speed.

2. Your site is insecure.

Chances are that you have an easy to guess username and the same password that you’re using across multiple sites. And when I login, I can access the file editor.

This means that a hacker can very easily add malicious code or even export your customers’ information without your knowledge.

Cleaning up a hacked WordPress site is expensive and time consuming. Not to mention that the downtime will affect your bottom line if you sell online courses or run an e-commerce store.

To secure your website, you can implement the 19 steps outlined in Kinsta’s WordPress Security Guide.

You can book a Quick Fix session for me to implement the most important ones for you.

3. You don’t have backups.

Backup plugins can save your backside if your site is broken or hacked. It allows you to restore your site to the previous version.

Top hosts like WPEngine or Kinsta include automated daily backups in their plans. If you run an online business, you should invest in a quality host that provides this feature.

4. Your site is not optimized for SEO or social media.

Do you have an SEO plugin installed? If you pasted one of your website links, would it include a proper featured image and preview text?

With users generally coming from Google or social media, it’s important that your links can be displayed properly to attract users to visit your website.

5. Emails sent from your website are unreliable.

Emails sent directly from your website server may be marked as spam or not sent at all. Web servers aren’t designed for sending emails.

If you run an e-commerce store or send notifications from your website, you should configure your WordPress to use SMTP.

How many of the above issues does your website have? If you want my help to audit and fix these issues, you can book a Discovery Call to see how we can resolves these for you.

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