The Easiest Way to Migrate Your WordPress Site to a New Host

Are you moving your website to a new host and don’t know how?

Most web hosts offer free migration services, but if you don’t want to wait or give your credentials to anyone, here is the easiest way to do it.

Use the All in One Migration plugin.

It can be boiled down into 3 steps:

  1. Install the plugin on your existing and new sites.
  2. Export the site.
    A file will be downloaded to your computer automatically.
  3. Import the site on your new host by dropping the file.

It can’t get simpler than this! This is how I migrate sites between different environments.

The other alternatives like Duplicator or MigrateGuru require you to set up your database or put in your cPanel username and login.

If your site file is bigger than 512MB, then you will need to buy the Unlimited Extension plugin.
Yes, it’s $69, but it’ll probably save you hours of trying to use the other solutions out there and not get anywhere.

Hack to Use All-In-One Import if Your Site is Too Big

1. Click on Advanced Options, and then “Exclude media files”.
Most of the weight on WordPress sites is from the uploaded images. If you import the images manually, then your site will most likely be less than 512MB.

2. Import as above to your new site.

3. Log into the cPanel of your hosting for your existing website. Find the “uploads” folder.
This would be somewhere like public_html > wp-content > uploads.

4. Compress the “uploads” folder as a Zip. Download it.

5. Now go to the cPanel of your new website. Go to your “wp-content” folder.

6. Delete the existing “uploads” folder. Upload the ZIP file and de-compress it.

You have just moved the images from your existing site to your new site!

To save yourself the hassle of doing these steps, just buy the Unlimited Extension.

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