Women in Web Dev Learning Circle

Community and Mentorship for female developers

The Vision

The Learning Circle was a membership for aspiring developers to provide 1:1 mentorship, accountability and community.

Members used the membership platform to stay up-to-date on the latest events and accessed courses and curated coding resources.


Membership Experience, Sales Page Design

Customized Plugins

  • MemberPress
  • LearnDash
  • Gravity Forms


Beautiful and Clear Sales Page

When the front door to your membership looks polished and inviting, potential members are much more likely to trust that your membership is effective and join!

Thoughtful Onboarding

First impressions are so important when a member signs up to your membership. You want to reassure your new member that they made the right choice!

Here, we welcome the new member with a short welcome video along with 4 clear steps to take.

  • Add Welcome Orientation to Google Calendar
  • Slack Invite
  • A quick onboarding survey
  • Onboarding course that walks them through the features of the membership

Once they complete the “Start Here” course, they gain full access to the membership.

Clear Dashboard

The ease continues for members even after onboarding with a clear dashboard.

The links are grouped by “Community” and “Resources” with commonly used links like Slack and Upcoming Events up at the top.

They can also manage their account and cancel their subscriptions anytime.

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