Your Antidote to the Fear of Breaking Your WordPress Site

If you’re not tech-savvy, doing anything with your WordPress site can feel daunting.

  • What if I try to update a plugin, and the site breaks?
  • What if I updated my site and break the site?
  • What if I mess something up?
  • What if I get hacked?

…and on the worries go.

Well, there is one easy thing you can do to get rid of them….Backups!

A backup is a snapshot of your website during a particular moment in time. What this means is even if your website breaks for any reason, you can restore it to a previous version.

Got hacked? Restore your site.

Plugin update went wrong? Restore your site.

Updates went wrong? Restore your site.

Anytime you’re not happy with the changes, just restore it to a previous version.

Problem solved.

How to Get Backups on Your Site

You may already have it!

Quality hosts like SiteGround and WPEngine offer automatic daily backups and an easy-to-use interface to restore your backup with one click.

So if your host offers this service, you can breath easier with this information.

You already have a handy “undo” button!

If You Don’t have Automatic Backups

You can use a backup plugin like Updraft or BlogVault.

My recommendation is for BlogVault, as it stores your backups off your servers, which means it won’t eat into your server’s storage space. Also, if your host’s servers goes down, you can download your backup, buy new hosting and get your website on another server quickly.

Next Steps

Take 30 minutes to find out if you have this feature from your host and how to access it. If you don’t have it, buy BlogVault to give you peace of mind. It’ll save you hours of pain the next time your website breaks.

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